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Discover the Dynamic Shift in Fintech Innovation

GFST gives you a unique right to participate in the distribution of profits from Fintech is a portfolio that includes the most promising and innovative projects.

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Security token

Global Wealth Community inc.


Issued 1 000 000 000 GFST

100% of equity


STO - 100 000 000 GFST

10% total equity

Company's business

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At GWC, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way projects in the fintech sector are funded. Our unique approach allows members to directly participate in a transparent manner, enabling them to share in the future income stream and capital gains generated by these projects.

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We have pioneered the development of a groundbreaking digital financial instrument

​that addresses a crucial need in the crypto-world. By offering a tangible equity capital participation share token, we provide potential holders with a well-defined and predictable future income stream derived from our existing business and diverse projects.


Our mission extends beyond financial success.


At GWC, we believe in community engagement and improving people's lives. We strive to help our investors create a diverse portfolio that will serve them for years to come. By joining us, you become part of a community that shares a vision of a prosperous future, where financial empowerment and long-term stability go hand in hand.

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FINTECH sector

The FINTECH sector has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, revolutionizing traditional financial services and investment markets. With advancements in technology, financial technology companies are now able to offer innovative investment instruments that provide greater transparency, efficiency, and accessibility to investors. One such advanced instrument gaining traction in the investment market is Security Token Offerings (STOs).


Security Token Offering


STOs are a form of fundraising mechanism that leverages blockchain technology to issue digital tokens representing ownership or equity in a particular asset, project, or company. Unlike Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), STOs are subject to regulatory compliance and offer investors legal and financial protections. This compliance and adherence to regulations make STOs a more secure and reliable investment option.

In the context of the STO, GFST token emerged as an advanced instrument for investment due to their ability to fund a diverse pool of projects in the Fintech Sector. By utilizing the support of the crypto community, GFST token enables direct and transparent participation in future income streams and capital gains generated by these project.

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As we redefine the fintech landscape, unlocking the true potential of individuals and empowering them to thrive in the realms of investment and wealth creation. Your journey to financial success and adding value to the community starts here at GWC!


The creation of The Global Fintech Security Token (GFST)  will enable the implementation of the NEEW program, which aims to allow people to become co-owners and shareholders of the fast growing enterprises powered by community. This will provide an opportunity for society to embark on an entirely new path of development.


In the NEEW program, all individuals become co-owners of profitable and beneficial enterprises and companies, forming a Global Corporation in the World where people actively participate in decision-making regarding profitability and profit distribution, social development, and society's advancement towards fostering a higher level of consciousness in society.

Token Specification

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Security token

Global Wealth Community inc.

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Tokenized Shares

Issued 1 000 000 000 GFST

100% of equity

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Offered supply

STO - 100 000 000 GFST

10% total equity

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Tokenholder rights



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Community based voting


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BNB blockchain

Based token

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Investor Requirements

EU Professional & Public

Worldwide - Selective

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Share Community economy 

Investor-user centric approach

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SBID-supported Countries

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To invest, please register on Dashboard!

Full text of our Private Placement Memorandum and other corporate documents can be accessed only after completion of the Registration and Identity Verification.

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Our approach consist from Six Steps Strategy:

1.  Worldwide Community

Our GFST worldwide community comprises individuals with many diverse backgrounds. In addition to the worldwide community, we welcome investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. This collaborative effort fosters innovation, transparency, and inclusivity. GFST reflects the needs and aspirations of our worldwide community as a leader in the broader Fintech ecosystem.

2. Fintech Industry

GFST represents a diversified group of Fintech companies enabling our community and investors to gain exposure to various segments of the Fintech industry. GFST is a security token that will wrap around a portfolio of companies creating a strong Fintech asset. This approach works to mitigate risks associated with single asset concentration. 

3. Global Standards

GFST, by adhering to global standards, aims to establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy investment vehicle. Global standards provide the confidence and comfort that attracts institutional, professional, and retail investors alike. GFST is based on strong compliance including measures to combat money laundering, ensure data privacy, and protect investor rights. It is important for GFST to contribute to the integrity of the Fintech industry.

4. User-centricity

GFST recognizes the immense value of users as the key asset within the ecosystem. GFST embraces the new economy philosophy that users are the key value not just passive participants. Our users are active contributors, capable of shaping the development and growth of the platform. Each user brings unique perspectives, insights, and potential contributions that can enrich the overall GFST Fintech experience. This contrasts with old economy financial analysis which ignores the value and potential of users as the key asset of companies. Traditional financial analysis looks at past numbers to form a value. This gives no future guidance for the growth that an engaged user base provides.

The company benefits through user empowerment. By involving users in the decision-making processes, GFST taps into their expertise, creativity, and feedback to drive continuous innovation and improvement. The outcome is a stable stream of products and services that users want, delivered in the way they want. For the company this drives quick adaptability to ever-changing markets. The result is a leadership position for our company in our chosen industry vertical.   

5. Investor-User Synergy

In traditional business models, consumers typically do not have an ownership stake in the companies from which they purchase goods. Investors may not be consumers of the company’s products or services as their main aim is to profit from an increasing share price. Our approach targets investors that can also be consumers of our products, and vice versa. This investor-user synergy is amplified through our user’s consumption providing organic growth which then attracts the investor community. This unique principal bridges investors and users. Our exclusive investor-user dynamic accelerates our business by feeding off this prosperity energy.  By removing the artificial distinction between investors and users, we unlock the symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties and contributes to the long-term success of GFST.

6. User Marketing

By aligning the interests of investors and consumers, we create a powerful incentive for word-of-mouth marketing. Leveraging word-of-mouth marketing through the users and investors social media activities provides broad visibility for our company. With our base engaged in and actively promoting us on social media reduces and pinpoints the company’s marketing efforts. This is about cost efficiency and value creation. User marketing has been proven to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase retention leading to a growing repeat business. 


When investors and users have a personal stake in the products, they become natural advocates. They are driven to spread positive experiences and share their excitement for our company through recommendations within social media that supercharges their networks. This organic driven word-of-mouth marketing amplifies brand awareness, fosters trust, and stimulates growth. The company benefits by optimizing its marketing expenditure through stronger focused and targeted campaigns.

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